About us?

CORDERREY is a royal company located in the municipality of Monterrey specialized in the commercialization and distribution of Henequen, Polypropylene and Nylon threads and ropes for its different fields (marine, artisan, cattleman, farmer and hardware store).

It arises from the experience and also from the entrepreneurial spirit of Ing. Guillermo Arámbula Saldívar and Lic. Xami Castaño Galván in response to the vision of providing a renewed, efficient and above all professional option in the cordage market.

We provide personalized guidance to the client in their needs and projects, immediate solutions, total disposition to the client in response to suggestions and observations. Seeking the purpose of advancing together in the direction of the demands and challenges of the market


CORDERREY began in Monterrey, Nuevo León at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, at this time there was a great need for the royal culture to manufacture and be able to make their crafts. Locked up in their own home, they began with the distribution to the artisan and haberdashery fields, being a key time for the activity at home.

Lic. Xami Castaño Galván Ing. Guillermo Arámbula Saldívar

This is how CORDERREY opened its horizons and saw the great potential that exists in Mexico, since it is characterized by being a livestock country, 842 thousand people feed and care for the cattle herd, being the 11th world producer of primary and large livestock areas where they are developed, knowing the entire forage sector of the country.

Also counting on extensive solutions and alternatives focused on agriculture, the Henequen and Polypropylene Threads and Raffias are made known, excellent for agricultural work. Being a country where there are about 200 agricultural products that are cultivated. CORDERREY seeks to be known for the best quality and service in the country.

Hilo Tomatero

Just as we believe in our products, we believe in our people and especially in our country. We are committed to generating ties in different fields, promoting the sport of our athletes, the lands that our Mexican families work, and the art of creative hands.

Always joining ties ...